A Poem Or Three


Oh Mother, please come with me,
I’m much too small to go alone
on nature’s mission way down there,
There are scary things and the wind shakes
the dunny by the creek.

Please dear Mother, accompany me.
Chase away the redbacks lurking silently
in dark corners and under the seat.
There are creepy things and the wind rattles
the dunny by the creek.

Hurry Mother, for nature calls impatiently.
The big roan bull stands vigil nearby
under the bloodwood’s shady boughs.
He’s much too close and the wind quakes
the dunny by the creek.

But Mother, darling Mother, can’t you see?
I’m much too scared to go alone. The bull is there,
the redback waits, the wind howls and
oooh I wet my pants! Now I don’t need to visit
the dunny by the creek.


He flattered, he praised with words so sweet,
blind, gullible souls he happened to meet.
Their eyes blindfolded, their hearts too kind,
he sucked their strength with cunning refined.

Word flowers he scattered with phrases effusive
he showed the world an image delusive.
Friends he had pandered to his pleasure
enemies the few who’d got his measure.

For the crippled, the maimed, he had no mind,
their plight repugnant, their worth declined.
For them he reserved cruel words of scorn,
‘Such scum ought never be born.’

And when in death the Pearly Gates glistened,
the books of account showed no remission.
St. Peter declared life’s credits all spent.
“Go ye to Lucifer – for eternity repent.



Sometimes it’s easy to smile,
The sun shines warm and bright.
The heart is light and easy
The mind free of trouble and spite.

Sometimes there’s a whimsical notion
To touch the rainbow hue,
To catch sparkling raindrops falling
Or to taste the morning dew.

Sometimes a dark cloud gathers
And melancholy blocks the sun
The heart grows heavy with sorrow
And tears fall by the ton.

Sometimes an angry word spoken
Uttered in hopeless despair
Leaves a sorry heart bleeding
In need of forgiveness and care.

Sometimes if you find me surly
Or sometimes you find me blue
Remind me life’s not so gloomy
With a smile, so sunny, from you.

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7 Responses to A Poem Or Three

  1. Truth Seeker says:

    Janice, good work, I particularly like Judgement Day 😀

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😎

  2. Truth Seeker says:

    BTW, in regards to ebooks, some of the authors that I know use “smash words”, you should be able to find them via google 😀

    Cheers 😀

  3. Thank you for your feed back Truth Seeker – as you can see I am no poet and these three are the only bits of verse I’ve ever written.

  4. gravel3 says:

    So now you really are hiding your lights behind the bushel. What a great surprise, thank you. 🙂

  5. patriciawa says:

    Yes, gravel is right, you’ve been hiding your talents! And how nice to meet her and Truth Seeker here! Poetry isn’t about skill, or talent, I feel. Well not unless one is hoping to make one’s fame and fortune with it. I find it a very surprising activity myself, but I think it has happened upon me because I don’t have other means of artistic expression like drawing, painting or even playing some sort of musical instrument. Mind you, I have been promising myself I would do something about that when I retired and had lots of time on my hands…………seven years down the track and I’m still only playing with words………

  6. Thank you for visiting Patricia. So nice to get feedback. I would like to dabble in verse but find it a lot harder than writing a story 🙂

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